Dealing with the IRS is never easy

Whether you have one year or multiple years of tax debt. Instead of taking them on alone, let our expertise work for you to get through the tax debt resolution process as cleanly and efficiently as possible. It doesn’t matter if your past due balance is large or small, let an expert represent you and protect your assets as well as your piece of mind.

tax debt resolution

Past Due Balances

If you are facing a past due balance and need tax debt resolution, you are not alone. Don’t take matters into your own hands or, worse, do nothing. Let us engage with the IRS to determine the validity of the amount due, and work to reduce the balance, penalties and interest.

Levy and Lien

Receiving notification of an IRS levy or lien can be a very frightening time for you and your family. If you find yourself up against an IRS levy or lien we can help. We can halt the collections process, including all contact directed to you, giving us time to review the case and determine the best course of action. Don’t hesitate any longer, call us today!